**Physically** destroying scammer PCs

Hi everyone

I have recently learned about cpu under-/overvolting (in relation with overclocking) and the following idea came to my mind:
If one would find a way to execute something like throttlestop on a scammers PC and use it to overvolt the scammers CPU by a significant amount, would that destroy/fry his CPU?
If yes, would you find that too unethical to do or would it be justified?

Thank you for your thoughts and insight.

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when it comes to bhenchods, there’s no kill like overkill


CPUs usually have protection that stop them from instantly destroying themselves. you could maybe undervolt them to crash when doing heavy workloads (like booting up). your best best is to use a virus like memz which destroys the harddrive. its not like these benchodes know how to fix it.


One thing you could do is disguise a script as something they couldn’t possibly pass up. Something in a folder by the name of “GF’s nudes” or something labeled “bank password and login”. Something scumbags like them would absolutely snoop through.

You could hide a script that would auto-start on every startup that would wipe the free space of their hard drive over and over until the hard drive fails and wears out. Then you could just string them along kitboga style rambling on and on, talking over them and driving them nuts.

Make them think you’re stupid so that they won’t give up on trying to scam you, but don’t make it easy for them either.

@TheGoodDoctor That is a good idea, but to make a program startup automatically, would require them to run the .exe, which is obviously not nudes, and they would have to give it administrator perms.

@noShitSherlock If is veryyyy hard to destroy a CPU, unless you are a god hacker. What I would recommend is getting them to execute the memz virus, that will overwrite the boot, meaning it will destroy the PC, and keep them from wiping the drives or trying to reinstall windows.

Then perhaps you could just sneak the script into their startup folder with that exploit in Anydesk. Going after the harddrive is more important, it has their victims’ info on it, prevent it from starting again and they can’t access that data anymore

or u could use https://www.killdisk.com/eraser.html to ruin his pc/mac or android if u remote accessed it. (it wipes their hard drive and removes OS too) expensive to fix!!