Possible solution

Hey, y’all……… I have a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, running Windows 10 with an Intel Celleron CPU N3060 @1.6 GHz (2 CPUs), and 4 GB of RAM. I have been posting about how slow my Virtual Box VM is and I know that this would be a big problem if I were to use it for scam baiting. Now, a possible solution to speed up my host machine, plus my VM would be to install 8 GB of RAM into my physical laptop, plus a 500 GB SSD hard drive. I can’t upgrade the CPU to a triple or quad-core, because the CPU is soldered to the motherboard……. Thoughts?

what OS are you trying to run in Virtual Box? if you run a light install like linux or windows xp it will significantly speed the process up. Also personally I dont recommend upgrading laptops because unlike a PC it becomes dated eventually and swapping all the parts is just impossible or not worth the price. invest in a pc that you can upgrade and swap until they make parts that don’t fit the chassis in like 10 years.

Vbox has been known to run slower than VMware. So I’d suggest trying VMware. And run your VM on 1 core. Doubt you would still be able to run a decent vm, but it idk, you can try.