Preaching the gospel to scammers

So i know we all here despise these frauds. We insult them in their native language and some of us make it a goal to hurt their feelings or tilt them as much as possible. While that is potentially effective at ruining their mood so they come off as unprofessional to potential victims but i propose another way to effect their minds. Preaching the gospel to them would be a double whammy, it annoys the scammers who are atheist while also potentially giving a more religious leaning person a change of heart. All we need is one of them to be a whilstleblower and their whole call center could be exposed. And i cant imagine hurling insults at them would convince them to do that. So i went and found a couple verses that might make them think, and if you do decide to look up some for yourself i would highly recommend using the ERV translation (easy-to-read version) as the more verbose translations would probably confuse them more than anything. IMO shame is a more powerful emotion than anger. So heres the quote ive been sending to them on telegram after i string them along for a while.

" Your life on earth was full of rich living. You pleased yourselves with everything you wanted. You made yourselves fat, like an animal ready for the day of slaughter. You showed no mercy to good people. They were not against you, but you killed them.

-James 5:5-6

“God will have no mercy on you. Your parents too would be ashamed should they know what you do to get your money.”

Your riches will rot and be worth nothing. Your clothes will be eaten by moths. Your (coins) gold and silver will rust, and that rust will be a proof that you were wrong. That rust will eat your bodies like fire. You saved your treasure in the last days.

-James 5:2-3 "

If any of you are religious but not christian id love to hear any quotes from your religious texts too! Best to cover the most bases we can.


I’d like to think that being Hindu, these scammers would be thinking about karma, but money absolutely blinds them These people have no souls and don’t give a flip about anything else… Once I start doing calls…I’m going to talk about karma and how I hope they are reincarnated as a pig…or an dung beetle…

I think karma is found in all religions in one form or another. But yeah youre right. Playing devils advocate here but when you bring up karma you also have to consider any “good” that they actually do in their day to day life. They may scam thousands of americans and people from other countries but they might give charity to their local communities. They might think that some good deeds they do offset the bad karma. We have to continuously remind them that their scams destroy lives and that its far worse than they think it is. They arent “sticking it to the rich” like some might say, theyre deceiving and stealing from innocent people who may only have one paycheck in the bank at a time.

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Very good point…I guess after seeing the depths of their depravity it’s hard to imagine them doing anything decent…but you’re right

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