Previous victim of scammer - I'm fighting back now

Hello all,

I was a victim of the Microsoft scam several years ago. I was very naive and have always been very clumsy when it comes to technology. They took advantage of that and took me for some $$$. Since then I’ve been watching videos and doing research and I’ve learned a ton from this. They still call me with other scams like the federal grant scam, the IRS scam, the refund scam, and a few others and I shoot them down every time but not before wasting some of their time. I wish I was a computer whiz like some of the people these videos who destroy these scammers computers or waste hours of their time. Anyways moving forward I will post phone #'s here of scammers and let the more experienced people on here destroy them.

  • Cyber-Dragon -

Using computers to waste scammers time isn’t as hard as you’d think. I do cyber security for a living and I love teaching tech, feel free to pm me if you need help setting up a vm or anything else. sorry to hear about your hard earned money, at least you know the importance of what we do here. Welcome to TSU!


Thank you very much for your response. I learned the hard way but I’ll never be a victim again thanks to what I have learned. I’m going to keep watching videos and doing the research on this. Hopefully I can use what I garner to help others who have been or are trying to be victimized.