"Problems on your Microsoft Account" 844-751-7555

844-751-7555 is the number.
This number called me and in a robot voice said there was problems with my microsoft account. It told me to call back at the same number.

Obviously a scam. I called them using *67 to waste their time. They asked me how I access my microsoft account. I told them the only device I use it on is my Xbox (this is true). He told me I need to contact my local best buy.

He claimed his name was Peter Brown. Ok sure.

I am at work currently so I don’t have time to troll this guy. Have fun.

I am on the phone with the scammer now, Lol he is saying this is not possible that I got a call and I was like I got a robot voice saying there was something wrong with my account and then he hung up.

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They answer the phone but as soon as I start talking about the automated call they hang up. After two or three calls they blocked me. Happen to anyone else?

It told me to go to supremo a software like teamviewer and anydesk