Publishers Clearing House Scammers

Scammer Number: 607-988-1514
Scammer Website:

Any other scammer information: Caller claimed his name was Robert Johnson and that I had won $9 million and all I had to do to claim it was go to Walgreens and buy a $500 Visa gift card and give him the information from it so he could give it to ‘the government’ to help me and ‘the lawyers’ put the ‘government stamp’ on my prize. He also gave me a ‘package code number’ to use to make it sound legit. He initially asked about my age, my job and where I lived. When I used google voice to call him back he answered and asked ‘how can I take your call?’.

I wasted about an hour of this douches time. Thanks for the number. This guy is up for slimeball of the year