Questions about SIP trunking

Hi friends!
I have a couple questions about SIP trunking, as I think this would just give me more choices of numbers to bait from.
I’m currently looking into and telnyx. Curious if anybody uses either of these or has any info on what might be best for me/most cost effective.
Also trying to figure out the best softphoen app for mac, but I suspect most people here use windows, so I may be kind of on my own for this. Still, throwing it out there.
Also, sorry if you all see this post multiple times, I’m cross posting to other forums for best exposure. :slight_smile:

Yea i saw neeps tweet about it but i dont know how to even begin

The best way of thinking about what a SIP trunk does is to think of it as a way of connecting your computer over the internet to the international phone system. Your computer talks to a SIP server and the SIP server links into the phone network.

You can configure a hardware or software SIP phone to talk directly to some SIP servers but a better way of doing it is to set up a PBX server of your own and use that to talk to the SIP trunk. This will give you much more control over what is happening and is a must if you want to do things like call flooding.

More or less all PBX servers are based around a free program called Asterisk. This will not run on Windows but is easy to set up on a variety of Unix-based systems like Linux or FreeBSD. If you don’t have a spare PC or something like a Raspberry Pi to run Asterisk on, it’s quite happy sitting on a virtual machine.

As far as SIP trunks go, one which allows number spoofing is a must, as otherwise it’s easy for scammers to block your number. I’ve not used them personally but I’ve heard good things about Flowroute.

Something to consider is that any SIP trunk which requires a credit card to create an account has personally identifiable information about you which, in theory, could be subpoenaed so be careful about who you call. Calling SSN scammers is unlikely to land you in court. Harassing US based companies like car warranty scammers can be a bit more dicey.

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I have an advanced setup using a sip trunk that provides spoofing. Due to the nature of it, I try not to publicly talk about it however, if anyone needs advice or help setting something up, lmk and I’ll tell you what I know.

Could you use a vanilla visa or someother prepaid card to mask identity?

I use as my SIP and Zoiper as my softphone on Mac. I highly recommend both. lets you change your caller ID for free, however much you want, to whatever number you want. If you get blocked you can just change it and call right back no problem. Zoiper is compact and has an “always on top” feature which is very nice. allows you to make fake credit cards you can lock.