Quickbooks Scammer 866-906-0209

This entity claims to be Quickbooks and regardless of what version you have, they tell you you need to upgrade to the newest version and they will use the logmein remoting service to install it. The number they gave me was 866-906-0209 which is a toll free number. They store your number and name in their info and will try to sell you package deals to get coverage for up to three years. They guy I spoke to gave me the name Gary Smith (haha). He says he’s based in California but they paperwork they sent me says they’re from New Jersey. Let me know how your scambaiting goes with these guys!

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anyone know anything about this

Omg Gary answered. We had a good laugh together because he said “the way you say benchod sounds weird, want me to tell you the proper way to pronounce it?” Playing along i said sure! He cleared his throat, took a deep breath, and said “Get the fuck out of here!” Then hung up. So very good, I love this forum so much.


Lol I pretended to be an unaware customer who talked to him earlier. He angrily told me he couldn’t remember me because he speaks with so many people each day. I started to sound really sad, then told him it hurt my feelings he couldn’t remember me and that I thought we were friends. He apologized, (he sounded really sorry), and I pretty much kept messing with him for a bit until he hung up yelling and cursing at me.

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Oh man he is triggered. Keep the pressure on poor Gary. He sounds like he needs some cheering up!

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