RCI Scam - 1 903-201-6130

New user here posting from Canada!
I hope everyone is having a great day. I’ve been getting calls from this bloody number constantly. I can’t remember what they said they were last time I picked up the phone but this time they somehow managed to call me through V01615493000759 as their caller ID but it was still using the same number they’ve been calling from before. Somehow this allowed them to work around my auto-reject on my cell.

They claimed this time to be working for RCI. I once again told them to never call this number again. I was a little irritated so my tone may have come off more intimidating then I meant to. Normally I’m the “kill them with kindness” type of person. Maybe I need some coffee. Lol.

So if anyone has any tips for getting these idiots to stop calling me. It would be super appreciated! Extremely appreciated in fact! I only use my cell for Doctors/Specialists and my Fiance if I ever need to get a hold of him. I’m actually ill (permanently ill) so this is why I only use my phone for doctors/specialists. Hence why it would be so appreciated to get some advice.

Thank you for reading!


P.S. Big fan of the channel ScammerRevolts!