Refund scam 1-804-477-1800

Scammer number: 1-(804)-477-1800
Scammer website: None
Fake service they are refunding: “Total AV” for 500$
Any other scammer information: These refund scammers tried to scam my own mother, fuck them up for me.

Some one replied after because the email hit about 100 people and they said this


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Answering as PP and that the charge is…wait for it…499.95 per MONTH. Unfucking real.

They gave you a discount of 3 cents, how nice.

no prob i will bait them

I just called him a mother fu(k3r and he blocked my number.

Answered as PAYPAL then when said “Oh this is paypal” THE DUMMY HANGS UP they want me to install Customer App - Zoho Assist luckily if you read the reviews you can see its bs