Refund scammer tried to scam my elderly mom. 1-800-496-1141

Called the police to report the number.

“We won’t investigate this because no crime was committed.”

I’m sorry, officer, I didn’t realize that it was magically legal again to scam old women out of thousands of dollars. :slight_smile:

Same guy wants to help lower my credit card rates .

I would like to say this scam is quite a popular scam dealing with money the opening line is always “enter salutations, can you hear me alright???” And you respond yes.THIS IS DANGEROUS!! They can use this against you whenever they have stolen what you want as you “giving consent” for them to steal money!!! Let your family and friends know!!! These type of scams are absolutely lethal is executed correctly!!! Watch out folks, your welcome!!


Ugh, so sorry to hear this happened to your mom. I totally get how it feels, b/c the same thing happened to my mom. As crappy as it may seem, the silver lining is that what happened is now something the cops know about, in case anyone else in town gets scammed by them.

Hopefully the number will be dead soon. :crossed_fingers:

The best part is that the officer I spoke with wouldn’t even let me give him the number. He would barely let me speak and spoke down to me as if I didn’t know anything about what was happening. :'D