Refund scammers - (206) 693-4427

I was able to put memz on this guys pc and run it through TeamViewer XD. He was SUPER salty. Oh, and these people said they only give refunds to older people, get these scumbags.

Number: (206) 693-4427


Their sip ip:


are they still active?

yes i just called them and gave them a bunch of crap and gave them a good run around. they wont answer my call anymore though lol. i forget what the lady called herself but the guy anounced himself as jack from Redmond WA.

Still active they sound tired of people calling them out. I called them 6 times before they put me on hold every time i call

Now they just put everybody on hold, Did they got tired of us already?

AAAAAAAAAAnnnnnd now it seems to be disconnected.

I actually just called them and was on hold for the longest time ever lol.

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Did they answer? Or they hung up?

I got an answer but then got put back on hold before i could say anything and they never answered again lol. They must be very suspicious of calls.

Obviusly, If you post here a number, Much people will start to call and any of em sound old, Knowing that they only ‘‘Refund’’ Old people (As can be seen on ScammerRevolts video) And even more, ScammerRevolts said that he had a video, At least i would be very suspicious about that.

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hey, new here, not sure if i am posting this in the correct place, but i have 2 refund scammer numbers that called me yesterday and today

1 877 557 0306
1 805 219 7566