Refund scammers: (224) 529-3687

Number: (224) 529-3687

your customer this is an important notification call to you form rapid maintenance service this is to inform you that $399.99 dollars is going to be charged from your checking account or credit card which is attached in our system within two working days for the auto renewal of your subscription if you want to cancel the subscription please call us instantly at support (224) 529-3687 I repeat the number (224) 529-3687

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This explains a lot why I keep getting calls saying that I’m a scammer this is my work number off by one digit not saying which digit for obvious reasons but lmao been freaking them out with my work number I’m not even joking btw lmao

So much fun! This was my first refund bait. I’ve done a lot of Social Security ones but now I have a virtual machine set up with a fake bank from Northwatch. This is just too much fun. Kept them on the phone for a little over an hour!!