Refund scammers, Got his picture! - (567) 244-0390

Wiped this guys PC CLEAN! lmao, have fun!

Number: (567) 244-0390

dear customer this call is in regards for the renewal of your computer services as you are a registered customer so $399.99 will be deducted from your account if you wish to cancel or stop the payment please press one or call us back at our toll free number _____ I repeat _____


Damn you guys shut these peeps down quick lol. I’m always too late to the party.

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you are a gangsta goodjob

I called this number 3 times just now, and got three different indian boys, definitely different cats… one started running the refund scam immediately, one pretended he was sleeping (might have been) and one said hello and started cursing. I wonder if they share these numbers?

They are all on one room sitting around each other using windows 7 laptops