Refund scammers strike again

I got a call from these guys saying that they’re company is closing down and we are refunding your money to you. He kept denying it was a scam they always have to play dumb even though they were caught red handed. Makes these benchodes pay for whoever they scammed.

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Here is their message

Their anydesk password is mc123456
Ironically this is the same password they asked me to type for unattended access. Sadly they appear to have file transfer locked down, and when I connected to the desktop it was view only

Number is dead going to flag it.

That’s because I just syskeyed his machine. Was that you I rejected the call from on eyebeam? lol I have his sip info :slight_smile:

Nice one dude great work

Okay do whatever man if its dead flag it

Video of the destruction coming tonight and will be posted here lol. I answered my own call and yelled at him after syskey

Ok man cant wait!!! Got to do that for 20 characters

Here you go. This was my FIRST TIME EVER trying this… honest feedback is appreciated!

U should join my discord server

Send me the info. Also call the number back. I own the guys sip account :slight_smile:

I just ran the ip

Was that you who just called? Another scambaiter just called and I answered

This is a RIOT!!! Call if you wanna be on vid! I answer because I stole his SIP info and logged in with xlite

No it wasn’t i will call them tomorrow

Did u join my discord yet?

Yep just joined ………………………

Ur david right???

Yes I am David :slight_smile: ugh… 20 char min