Rickrolling MEMZ Trojan

I created a script disguised as a banking app that rick rolls the one who opens it and then executes WannaCry (optional) and MEMZ. A full description and download can be found at https://github.com/ajdelguidice/Rickrolling-MEMZ-Virus

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The GitHub link 404’s, did it get taken down cos of the name/WannaCry/MEMZ?

If you don’t mind, could you point me in the direction of where you got WannaCry and the MEMEZ trojan from?


I’m sorry about the 404 error. I forgot to make to repository public.

I found WannaCry at https://github.com/gr33ntii/malware-collection/tree/master/Ransomware and I found an amazing version of the MEMZ virus at Enhanced MEMZ (again). Also, make sure you read the entire readme on github. It gives very important instructions on how to use my script.

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Thanks very much! I have a couple of programs I have written I leave as bait files, they simply delete all they can from the C:\Drive, I think it’d be much more fun to have some ransomware in there.

I had a question. Does this infect through Teamviewer/GoToAssist/whatever remote access software they use on the VM to their computer? Is that why it’s posted here? If it just harms the VM, I am unclear what the purpose of this being used is. Thanks for any answers given, I really want to ruin their computers and make them unusable, that’s why I am asking.

it doesn’t actively go through remote access itself, it counts on them copying it to their machine (through the remote access) and opening it, thinking that it contains passwords, banking information, etc.

in short, it poses as bait and trashes the machine that runs it

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Ooooh okay. I understand now. Thank you so much for telling me.

Please put all issues and questions you have for me on the github page.