Scam From the Grave

These “microsoft” bastards have been calling us spoofing MY DEAD FATHER’S CELL, I cussed em out when they called yesterday (usually my mom answers, she’s too nice to them though, IE just hangs up saying “it’s just a computer”).

This time though, they thought it was a brilliant idea to leave a “call to cancel your payment” scam…with their return number…

209-263-4469 HAVE AT EM GUYS AND GALS!

They called again after that, I immediately picked up and in the most threating tone I could manage without LMAO I told them if they ever called again I would burn down their building in India (with them in it), roast marshmallows on their flaming corpses, then make “bhenchode burgers” with their charred remains. It was a real human this time (I could hear scared breathing and mic feedback). >:D

EDIT: My dad’s name was Stanley, so keep asking to speak to Stanley… >:D

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I called and starting yelling “you muther yucking bhenchode!!”
He started whispering “bhen bhen bhen bhen” really creepily

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LOL, I wonder if it was the same guy I went psycho on and threatened to burn alive and eat. XD

I have an idea…call them up with a demonic voice changer and say that you are Stanley…and that you died 8-21-17 of pancreatic cancer…served in Occupied Japan in the early 50s…are going to smite their ass for calling your widow and son and then will personally kick their asses to hell. Then call flood them with “angry ghost gibberish” (use your imagination, probably some static with faint distorted words behind it).

No one spoofs a dead veteran’s number and gets away with it…especially not scammers.

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These idiots are back from the dead themselves (not sure if same number, was another spoofed call). My mother got the call, so they didn’t get my wrath. But if they call again (or if this number is still active)…it’s on.

Time for the “phone haunting”…

First things first, I’m so sorry for your loss, and also sorry these jerks have been spoofing his phone number. I just tried calling the 209 number, and it didn’t even ring before the call disconnected. Too bad. I was gonna give 'em an earful of Baby Shark.

Anyways, Stanley, thank you for your service to our country, and may you rest in peace. This one’s for you.

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