Scam Website

A friend in WoW was sent a message disguised as a Blizzard GM regarding that her account would soon be suspended due to illegal transactions. With the message, a website was provided:

TRACERT provided 2 useful IP addresses: ( and

Neither address went to the website given by the false GM.

I tried to look into the style sheet and html side of things but couldn’t find where the information was sent after hitting log in. Make sure you friend deletes all cookies and traces of the fake page.

Thank you for looking into it. For me, it seems to keep looping back to itself because of the but that’s just an assumption.

That’s also whats odd because the domain is up for sale. I know there also happens to be a, though I doubt it has anything to do with this as they calim to be a DDOS service. I haven’t researched much further. Been awake for the last 18 hours , so i could be missing something in front of my face.