Scammer Info

Hey, I’m not sure if this forum deals with non-tech related scams, but I recently got scammed; I was an idiot. This guy tried to blackmail me with some info he got as a result of my own stupidity. I want retribution. Listed here are what I know about these people:

Phone numbers I was called or texted from: +1-209-266-5009, +1-312-535-1747
Facebook account name that tried to contact me: Vanessa Calton
Supposed name of scammer that talked with me: Reynaldo Salazar (from the Philippines, Metro Manila)

There was a Skype name that went along with the name Vanessa Calton, but I don’t have access to that anymore. I want to say that it was something like live:vanessacaltton or live:vanessacaltonn

If there is anyone who would like to mess around with these people, please… be my guest. Just be careful, and don’t get yourself in trouble.

I left the appropriate voicemail on the 312 number haha