Scammer Number, Fake Refund (814)419-3871

Tell them that you’re calling from the the area that your windows spotlight is showing today. (The lock screen picture thing in windows 10) Do some research of the area and if you don’t speak any of the languages spoken in that area, just say that you’re on vacation there or something.
If they ask, tell them that your home phone forwards to your mobile.

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I got their Ultraviewer id and Teamviewer id. They called back 866 412 0856.
Ultraviewer: 19840106
Teamviewer: 1333358745

The number 1-866-412-0856 is down I am going to flag that has a dead number and I am going to see about the 814 number. It says the 814-419-3871 is out of service so I am going to flag this has a dead.

The number 814-419-3871 is still good, and they are still pitching as the "Vindows Refund Department’.
They try to get you to primarily use Ultraviewer, if that doesn’t work for them to scam you, then they have you search for “Teamviewer 10 filehippo”. they are using TV10 because that will let them use the disable input and blackscreen features.

If that number comes as “not in service” it is because they have blocked your number.

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