Scammer posing as a package company

2299460444 T-Mobile number
Text me this afternoon and stated “My package had been put on hold” and didn’t say who they were with and I didn’t order any packages from anyone lol.

The scam on this one is if you click the link it takes you to a real-looking USPS website that asks you for your name, address and phone#. If you click the submit button it then asks you for your credit card # say it costs $3 for re-delivery.

And of course no delivery service (USPS, UPS, FedEx) charges a fee for a “re-delivery”.

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let’s see if Identity Digital ignores my abuse report on this one…

EDIT: they took action on this one, they just don’t see the ScreenConnect sites I’ve reported as a concern, likely due to the fact that a number needs to be input

You never click links like this this is how they infect your devices with malicious coding, viruses once you click your device is infected and they take over it and can see all you do on it. The hilarious thing about this prank/scam they attempted on me was that I never order packages nor have them shipped to the place I lay my head at. I use P.O. Box lol. You will not see any history of me using USPS,UPS,FedEx,Amazon none of them. Last but not least my phone number they text this to is a VOIP number not my real number so it’s great way to catch the fish and report it here! :smiley: