Scammers Information dumb (Destroyed his pc)

Pictures of the scammer:


His fake windows refund site:

File from a user he scammed:

Merchant Info: Informatico Experts Inc.
Customer ID: p8VKj4wEc5
Toll Free: 1 317-800-6098
Technicians Center: LivePCExperts247
Windows files - Infected
Network - Infected
System files - Infected
Firewall - Disabled
Security - Expired/Not found/Disabled
nstall Anti Malware
Install Firewall
Install network Security
Install Hard Drive Protection Encryption
Install Network Filter
60/90 Mins
2 Years - 249.99*

His STEEMIT page login:



Notepad from someone else he scammed:

All auth email to come on [email protected]

[email protected]

I am {Victium info} authorizing the payment of 451.45 USD to Way Win Consultants Pvt. Ltd. through my credit/debit card ending with last four digit 9133 to avail Win PC Booster software, premium support and services for my computer provided by Way Win Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

I have thoroughly read all the terms and conditions and policies and I am 100% satisfied before making this payment. I am fully aware of the company portfolio and products/Services delivered to me. This is a genuine transaction and i am aware that Way Win Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is an individual company and is not related to any other company and i am authorizing the transaction from my card to Way Win Consultants Pvt. Ltd. after being completely satisfied with their product and services and i have signed the agreement as per my plan with the company. I have the inbound number of the company and will call them in case of any issues.
I understand my Voice may be recorded for Quality & Training Purpose. This is a post Service/Deliver Payment.

The Service Number of my Service Provider : 1-888-5988-7976

Order Details: Win Pc Booster

Invoice Number :

Name: {Victium info}

Billing Address with Zip Code: {Victium info}

Card No. (Last 4 Digits of Card No.):{Victium info}

Email ID: {Victium info}

Phone Number (Full Phone No.): {Victium info}

Amount Paid:{Victium info}

Payment date:15/12/2017

last 4 digits of SSN ( or Any other govt ID proof):{Victium info}


{Victium info}

Contracts need to be signed Payment Information - Winossolutions

Step 1) Select the product

Step 2) Register a new account

Step 3) Go with the payment with Credit Card.

Step 4) After the payment digitally sign the contract

Step 5) Download the Win PC Booster software

Step 6) Take the satisfaction email

Note- Payment should be taken from Customer IP, A verification recording need to be sent

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They all look the same

doing the lord’s work

Yes, if the government won’t do their job then people like us will!

Which rat were you using? Nanocore?