Scammers or no?

So my question is…How can you tell if a “scammer” is actually a scammer. I call real tech support often (because I face REAL issues) and they all sound foreign. Is there any good way to tell, or is it a guessing game? Companies like MicroPC and 24\7 Techies seem legit enough, and when called they seem willing enough to help with your “problems”. I was just wondering, because I would like to avoid messing with legit businesses if I can avoid it.

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A quick way to tell is find their Better Business Bureau rating. If they don’t have one it could be a scam. another way to tell is if an Indian guy says his name is “Chris White” or something obviously fake.

They best way is to visit multiple review sites and read the reviews (Good and bad) and then by visiting their social media sites linked and just look through them and see if all the posts are just spam like saying “Microsoft virus support or License key support”. Finally, you can also google the number and see what results come up and also check the video search and see if anyone has made scambait videos on said company.