Scammers Spoof Their Numbers, Phish For The Real One & Report It Here

So whenever I get a call from a scam call center. More often than not it will be from someone else’s phone number.

To get around this, what I do is I come up with a bullshit excuse, that sounds legit. Telling them I can’t talk then and then I ask them for a number I can reach them at. I tell them about some kind of medical condition I have and how I’m not feeling well at the time.

There’s no point in calling the number that shows up on the I.D. it’s not their number.


Iv found it very rare for scammers now days to spoof numbers, mainly
Only apple scammers do it. You should always call back and test a scammer number b4 posting it on the forum, in case if it is spoofed.


Every scam-call I get for whatever scam is always from a spoofed number from my local area code. If it’s a recording, it speaks in broken english, or sometimes chinese and wants me to press a number. Those used to give me a number to call, but not anymore. Any time I get a live person on the other end of the call, the number I phish from them is never the number that showed on the ID.