Scammers who scam internet vendors using eBay, PayPal, Amazon etc. "List and details"

Hello, I’m a internet vendor and I sell products on Amazon and eBay along with other platforms.
It’s not common that I get scammed but it does happen time to time (maybe 1 sale out of 100-200 is a valid scammer) and this can hurt a lot because it takes a very long time to build up a good, solid reputation with hundreds of positive feed backs. Because maybe 1 out 10-20 customers actually take the time to come back and leave feed back, which I’m guilty of as well because most of the time people just don’t have time and if they’re happy and okay with what they bought they aren’t thinking of it so much. In a lot of cases I’ve noticed that adding in bonus products, extra freebie items helps incentivize customers to come back and voice their opinions

I really enjoy watching ScammerRevolts’ videos on Youtube standing up for the folks that maybe tech illiterate and get scammed by these jerks (like my aunt who’s in her 60’s and got taken by a person in India giving them remote access to her computer and then paid them with Wal-Mart Greendot gift-cards in attempt to get access back to her computer, she ended up paying around $500, her computer was probably worth $150 at best and afterwards they just wanted more, when she finally told someone about this and they told her not to pay them the scammers just told her to go F herself).

I would like to make a thread for vendors who have been scammed to voice their opinions and tell their story so other vendors know to steer clear of these people who go out of their way and do their best to take advantage of small business owners to get over on them.

Is this the proper area to do so?
If so I’d like other vendors to please feel free to tell your story and share the details, as I will do the same and we can protect ourselves from these people.

Personally, I find that I usually only have issues that are not valid with people who live on the East Cost like New York and New Jersey and because of this I almost do not even want to continue fulfilling orders for the North Eastern states anymore, but I know that not all people who live there are bad but most crappy people to deal do seem to live in that area.
I try to keep a list of these people to avoid doing business with them in the future because they make things bad for everyone else.