Scumbag Scammer Sachin Meena On WhatsApp +91 89499 37839

Scammer number: +91 89499 37839
Scammer’s social media pages: WhatsApp Possibly Other Uses Of Social Media
Only Know Of There WhatsApp At The Moment…

Any other scammer information: Name Answers Too Sachin Meena…
Time Too Destroy This One LoL # @ Scammer Revolts

They’ll Grab You’re Number And Target You On WhatsApp Possibly Take You’re Profile Picture etcetera Use You’re Number Maliciously Try Too Gather More Information On You…

Prey’s On Autistic People And Neurodiversity Members People Who Have Disabilities Vulnerable People On Social Media Nasty Piece Of Work Scammer B4st4rd… Targets Elderly Members Of Community Basically There Pure Garbage A$$ Scammer The Usual Type : )

They as in He/Her Have Tried Too Attack Me Today My Fellow Baiters…

Seriously Though
I Took Security Measures Immediately And Disconnected The Call… :grin::+1::sunglasses::dark_sunglasses::eyeglasses:
:wine_glass: I Just Let Em Breathe Air Into The Phone Lololololololololololol Never Said ah Word Too Em Lololololololol

Disclaimer I DID NOT Contact Them In Anyway They Just Popped Up On My Personal Phone Around 5=6:00 PM In The Afternoon And Contacted Me Through It

Hiya Is This Scammer Destroyed Somebody Please Reply Thanks : } :+1: