Shipping company scammer

I post on our local website for selling stuff and ect,
And i am out of united stats and someone messaged me and he disguise as someone on texas. And when i told him about the shiping he said i will pay everything (shiping, taxs, fee, ect). I confused about that but i continue. His number is now in usa and it conflict with his words, he sent to me the “shiping agent” that he suppose to came to my house and pickup the item, he sent to me a form in whatsapp containing (name, second name, country, item name, item price, state, zip code, and in the end “Thanks for using Airlink shiping” ) and the item price is 220$ and this guy told me you should give me 100$ itunes gift card, i said that’s it they are scammers, so when i back to the buyer he told me i will send to u 320$ and you should buy 100$ GF i said ok, the payment method was Western union and he sent to me this picture

And i knew that it photoshoped becuase i have experience about that, so he told me to buy the gift card first and he will give me the code that i can redeem it and i get the money so his number is +234 817 498 4247 and his name is crowley gene and shiping agent number is +1 (256) 733-1641 and i think they are the same person, i have contact the airlink customer support but no one pickup the call, sorry for my bad english <3