Silent sabotage is better than destruction.

I’ve said this before, but it’s good to do a refresher.

If you have the resources to sabotage the scam operation do that instead.

What do I mean? Sneak a RAT into their system, preferably one that will jump through their router in their call center.

Find a way to silently stop their auto-dialer so that there won’t be any more calls going out. Change their incoming call greeting to a warning that it’s a scam and see if you can change it to automatically hang up on the potential victim.

And use the RAT you have to erase all the saved connections in their remote desktop apps and all the information they phished from victims. and be sure to fill up that empty space with a bunch of garbage to make sure they can’t recover anything from those drives…then delete the garbage and it will look like the files just didn’t get saved.

Call flooding would give it away, but that also works to force them to shut everything down.