Social Security Scam 817-796-8883


Left a voicemail, Robo call claiming to be “Officer David Walks from SSA Social Security Administration”


I called them and they asked for my name then hung up.


The number is active I am on the phone with them now. Case file number DM7166, Officer Jack Wilson, Bitch ID 78924. The call is being monitored by the GOAT HOUSE ROFL. Same Texas script blood and drugs of 20gm of coke and has all my name. Lol then he said I am going to jail for over 9 years and over $80,000. I think they caught on and hung up because I was asking alot of questions but I never swore I was like OMG what do i do etc. But yeah the number is active enjoy, the guy I was talking his phone was bad.


they seem very incompetent. I asked what time it was in texas and he couldn’t even google search it, he just rambled on and said “I cant understand” in all the bad English variations he knows. easy target