Social Security Scam

They just called me!! Hung up when I wouldn’t give them my name. Definitely from India!! [Number-Removed]

I called back 2nd time. Different recording. Weird.

This is official phone… Contact Social Security By Phone | SSA

Could they have hacked their phones? I answered and it said press 1 for assistance. The guy that came on was def from India. He wanted my name. I said you should have it, you called me. He hung up immediately. When I called back it was totally different recording and everything.

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It look like the number was spoofed… I only removed it cuz it’s on the real ssa website.


Gotcha!! I have called the legit number before. It was in my phone. Before I got an app to block spam I named all spam calls so I would know if they called back. Now I’ll have to look up spoofing. :joy: