Someone tried to scam me

Here’s how I know it’s a scam

  1. The account is very new. It was made very recently.

  2. They are offering more than the cost of the item.

  3. They want to contact me outside of eBay.

Those are three red flags. The one that especially alerted me was the third one. No legitimate purchaser will need to contact you outside of the eBay app. If anyone tries to have you do that, it is always a scam! Scammers try to get you to contact them outside of eBay because the security eBay has makes scamming extremely difficult. There’s no other reason anyone would need to contact you externally on eBay.

Be careful when selling products online.

How this scam works:

Typically, they’ll want to send a check. They send the check, you send the item, but when you cash the check, it bounces. This isn’t the only thing they do, but it always ends the same. They get your item, and you get nothing or lose money.