Something's Wrong

People are trying to call scammers and are being redirected to my number. What is this? I had the same thing happened to me earlier. I called [Number-Removed] it was for a Google support scammer and I was redirected to a woman that was not who I was looking for.

People spoofing numbers is whats happening.

So what you’re saying is the scammers are doing it or some of the numbers here are no good?

Thats the only thing I can think of as of to why.

Removed the number from your post… Probably best not to post it here if it’s being redirected to innocent people.

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Damn,that sucks I feel like I’m working for these bastards now. People call me and i have to swear that I’m on their side lol so far I’ve received 12 calls since I made the first phone call to 866-323. The scammers called me back with that number ,tried to make a fool of me. I called back and I called an actual US citizen.

You’re right ,I understand. Didn’t realize that but the only thing from this is when that specific number calls back its the actual scammers.