Source code and Program for flooding a scammers database with fake usernames and passwords

Hello, so i have made a program that sends usernames and passwords to the scammers servers. To get this working you need to know how to monitor network traffic, but as i am posting here, i assume you know how to do that.

Download link > > > main

How to use > > > - YouTube

happy scam baiting!

Version 1.1 Edits

  • Added a timer to wait between sending packets
  • Added a random email selector, edit if needed
  • Added email and names extensions into seperate file (\source code\names.json OR email.json)
  • Spelling mistakes
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Nice idea maaan! :laughing:
Didn’t try it out yet, but could You please do a few important improvements?

  1. Induce a random wait betweet requests (maybe 1-10s)
  2. Include random mail-hosts (atm it’s only using yahoo, right?)
  3. I’m not sure about the post-data, but as far I know the field’s name can be set by the website. So there would be a need to set those filed-names in Your program. Right now, You use “userfeild” and “passfeild” as field names (which also seems to be a typo eg. userfield).

Thanks mate, keep it up

Thanks, not the best with spelling. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll fix soon

Will add a option to add a delay between sending the packet

Planned for the future

Updated download link

Nice. Hope their server isn’t strong enough to handle this lol
Isn’t there a difference between ddosing and flooding?