Spectrum Internet Scammers?

Scammer number: 8552011787
Scammer number: 18663064668
Scammer website:
Any other scammer information: claim to be with Spectrum. Left a voicemail offering a 50% discount to select customers.

*Edit: they called me from a second number so i added it above.

*Edit: These benchodes somehow had enough of my personal info without me saying anything to them to login to my Spectrum account and make $900 payments until my account was negative. Only used text now numbers. Either Spectrum had an account breach or i called back too quick after they left the voicemail on my actual phone number and they pieced it together. The bank and Spectrum both are vexed, as am I. Now Spectrum is reversing the charges and i have to open a new account. Appaerntly all they need to make a payment to Spectrum on your behalf is a telephone number and the last 4 digits of your bank account. I guess I pissed them off real good, and since they couldnt steal my money they decided to ruin my Friday lol They’re evolving guys.


Definitely looks like a scam operation, pressing zero immediately brings you to an agent. It does not follow the normal operating procedure that Spectrum does by seeing if you even have a Spectrum account or not.

Called spectrum and verified that this is a scammer number! I reported the number to them.


They are located in Lahore, Pakistan


This line is recorded for quality and training.

Then the guy said he’s going to charge me 500$ for some reason iDK


Number not in service. Great job SR! :clap:

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Spectrum guy still answering the 855.


Scumbags opened it up again. Matches phone number to account.


Another Spectrum number: 866-894-0031