Spectrum Scam *new numbers*

Scammer number: 8662842654
Scammer number: 8883305137
Scammer number: 8884401574

Three new numbers for you guys. Go get em :laughing:


Seems like these Spectrum scammers have really been going off lately

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They make a lot of money doing it and love bragging about it. Total fucking scum.

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8883305137 call on hold music
Lahore Pakistan

Just a note, the new number does not work with the GV numbers they have already blocked me on, they are using a forwarding system so if you were blocked with an old number the new ones won’t work for me anyway on GV, they work with a fresh text now number I have been flood calling them for the last 1 hour, they scam from 8-5 pacific time only. Weak men who can only steal from old ladies 888-705-3046 is working tonight too they pick right up when I call this number

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TextFree has the most annoying dial tones. Very loud and I can hear them throwing their headsets. Its the only number of mine they actively try to block. The reason they weren’t really answering the phones the last hour was because I was hitting them with it over and over. They definitely hate that the most, and believe me…I’ve been doing a little bit of everything.

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From Lahore city, Pakistan. They speak Punjabi and Urdu.

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One more new one

Congratulations on signing up with special offer with Spectrum services promotion on your monthly bill. This promotion is sponsored by “Target” . This text is to remind you about the promotion of your services with Spectrum. This is a contract-free offer for 4 years, with a fixed monthly bill of $39.99 (Including taxes and services charges). To get this discounted offer effective with your next billing statements, pricing will be fixed for $39.99. To get this discounted offer on your Spectrum account, you have to credit your account for 06 months, which will be $239.94. After that, the rest of the remaining 3 years and 6 months you have to pay a flat bill of $39.99/month. You have to make the first upfront payment by using “Target Gift Cards”. After that you can choose any payment method to pay remaining monthly bills via Credit card, Debit card or send us check or set up your auto payment mode. If you activate this promotion by today and pay your upfront within first 100 minutes, you will be eligible to get a $50 Visa reward card as a complimentary gift on a same day payment. Your promotion code is (STV-4 random digits). For further details, call the Billing & Finance department of Spectrum at 855 609 9949 EXT 1 for the billing desk.