Speeding Up Slow VM

Running Windows 7 Home Basic through VMware. Host machine is running i7-8550U Quad-Core and 16GB RAM plus 2GB GDDR5. VM is insanely slow and laggy (even the scammers comment on how slow it is) and host machine becomes quite bogged down as well. The VM is installed on a separate HDD. What’s my best option for making everything run more smoothly? Would installing the VM on a SSD help? Are there VMware settings I should adjust or changes I should make to the VM install? Thanks guys.

Could you give me the log file for your VM?
Thank you.

It’s possible that you did not allocate enough resources to the VM. From experience, a Windows 7 VM requires at least 40 GB of storage, 1GB RAM and optimally 2 CPU cores. You might want to install VMWare-tools on the VM as well.