Steam scams PT:1 Holiday giveaway scam

So this is just a brief description of the holiday scams that tends to happen on Steam around the summer time specifically close & during the Steam Summer sale and winter/New year sale. Occasionally I’ve noticed my friends will sometimes send me something and tell me to click it and mention something about points. I ask them what its about and they tell me that its a giveaway that Steam is supposedly doing where you have to send out a link and get people to click it. Once they do, you get a point that you can use to redeem to a Steam gift card. I tell them to stop sending me scams and the insist its not a scam. Taking a look at the page makes it clear why someone might fall for that scam, because whoever makes them, copies the look of steam pretty darn well.

If you’re wondering what happens when you reach the required amount of points, usually it will ask you to “verify you’re not a bot” or have you “redeem your prize” by signing into your Steam account. At that point I’d have to say “F” to your steam account, at least until you can recover it.
How do I make sure I don’t fall victim to this scam?
There are a few things to note about that scam that should tell you right away.

 * Steam never does giveaways on external sites
 * If you do click on it, change your IP address and see if you get a point. Giveaway sites would 
    never allow you to bot points so easily.
 * Clear your cookies and refresh the page and see if you get another point.

Please stay safe


This is a really great post. Another tip I’d add is this webpage comes from a web archive. Web archives, google dox, any of those url’s are from upload pages, which means any sites with those url’s are shared html documents. Basically what this means is anyone with an HTML theme that looks like facebook can upload a fake facebook login to you and steal your credentials because your using that page. This is called Phishing and is widely used in hacking. So if you see a url with ‘archives’, or ‘share’, or ‘files’ (etc.) in it, this means it’s a Phishing page that someone has themed to look legit. Nice post, thanks for the share.

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Well I had to pull it from a web archive because the original page had long since been taken down.

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Good to know at least one got removed, I’ll leave my response for future reference.