Student Loan Scam - 949-401-7762

Just got this on my voice mail:

“Hi this is Olivia Johnson calling from the processing department. So sorry if you’re busy I just have some fantastic news that looks like there’s been some significant changes to your federal student loan payment option. So if you could give me a call back as soon as possible today that would be great. My direct phone number is 949-401-7762. Again it’s 949-401-7762. Also if you would have your reference number ready that would be awesome. Your reference number is 70101. Thank you I look forward to speaking with you today.”

Have fun with them!


Lol. I just this a call from Olivia too. Same reference number and everything. I am so glad you posted this. I am fairly savvy, and have actually paid off all my student loans (meaning I do not need any payment help !) But this one was so good I got really worried that someone had opened an account in my name. Saw your post and realized it for the scam it was. Look out for Olivia!