Target refund scam +1(806)-436-3408

Scammer number: +1(806)-436-3408
Scammer website: none listed
Fake service they are refunding: Target
Any other scammer information:

Spam email notifying you of a recent Target order in order to make you call their phone number to cancel. I didn’t attempt contact (I am a noob).

This is the second fake Target email I have received in 2 weeks. There are no links or websites, just this number. The previous one was identical (same fake information exactly) but had a different date & contact number (1 805 618 2049) that I assume is now dead, but I don’t know.

Fake order on the scam invoices:

Invoice - # ^0746-936-98572
Order Date : September 14, 2022
Lenovo Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i7
Logitech K130 Keyboard
Subtotal (2 item) $780.00
Shipping to:
John Bolt 5283, Grass Hill Dr
San Antonio, TX ,31123


I am a long-time ScammerRevolts watcher, first time poster on TSU. I hope this is an active number - it was blasted out 7 hours ago.


Answered 9/14 at 705