TeamViewer Permissions Hook V1

Can someone try to make this work inside a VM?
I’m unsure about what DLL injection program to use.

It does DLL injection into a running TeamViewer 13.0.5058 process.
It would be a great tool to use against scammers.

i’ll have a look thanks, i’ve also got a mac at my disposal as well lol

I’ve made some progress with this. Got to the stage where it asks me to press numeric pad keys. I only have keyboard without numeric pad keys. Waiting for amazon to deliver numeric pad.

Well I got it working with two Windows 7 32bit VM’s. Test setup is TeamViewer 13.0.5058 to 13.0.5058.

Urgh. Additional testing with TeamViewer 13.0.5058 to a later version of TeamViewer 13 fails.

I think this isn’t going to work out in the field.