Tech Scam cash collector located in CA

My family was scammed by Cal State Solution, they called following a pop up on their computer. They sent a check to the company in Culver City CA. I did some research and the LLC is registered to Guneet Singh Chopra, his personal cell is 310-920-1947. I got him to refund the money and he was begging i don’t call the cops. The LLC is still active as you can see here:
I got godaddy to shut down their site but this guneet dude is still walking around, i called the police but i got no help. i keep calling his cell phone asking for a list of the people who sent him money, he still pretends that he was doing legitimate IT work. the MF even has a FB page:
Great work bro, keep at it

lol what a trash scammer, these guys never surprise me with how dumb they are XD

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Lol I just called and I just had a talk and he just hung up after I called him out please harass the shit out of this scammer.

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send him a friend’s request on FB LOLLLLLL
I have been flooding his ass with calls, i can’t believe he hasn’t changed his cell number. what a dumb ass