Tech Scammer called today

Claimed to be from computer services. Said that $399.99 would be deducted from my account. The number is 1-316-535-7438

Here is their ip address:

Names of users on the PC:

He also said he is proud to scam Americans.

I was able to determine his geolocation using the ip address posted by ScammerRevolts. It turns out that their call centre is located at kolkata, india. The zip code is 700091 and if you don’t believe me copy this ip address: and paste it at to see results.
It isn’t a 100% accurate though.

What if they are using a VPN?

@Teddy_Bear, Its actually a possibility but then its crazy that their vpns would still give them an ip address that traces back to their country of operation. If they even knew that VPNs exist don’t you think they would at least choose to use a VPN server in a different country like the U.S. since majority of them claim to be Microsoft, well unless they are not indians but you may still be correct.