Tech Support Popup Scam 1-(844)-946-3854

Another tech support popup from: hxxp://

Number: 1-844-946-3854

Popup: hxxp://

happy baitin’!

This number is still active I got a female scammer on the line. Windows key and R, IExplore Lol then she told me to restart my computer. Then I just hung up.

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I have a huge feeling GoToAssist is telling scammers if we’re running VM’s now.
Fiddling around on my VM’s %temp% folder I couldn’t help but notice LogMeIn’s files…some basic checks in most of the notepads im finding:
OS ver 10.0,
lua=1, virtualization=1, inst-detect=1,
integrity level 0x00002000 (MEDIUM)

This seems odd but I can see why it would make sense why they’re starting to use LogMeIn to confirm before using Supremo, Teamviewer, Ultraviewer, etc etc.