Telemarketer "EDU Matcher"

Receive this one several times a day. Number works.
+1 615-375-3194

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Same BS from 1-310-734-0419
Education scammers with illegal robocalls

Are the ones that sound american also scammers? I call expecting an indian but i hear and american and im like “hang on are these actually scammers?” Just confused.

Literally everyone can scam not just Indians. I’ve seen a lot of like “free vacation scams” run by Americans.

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This. Speaking of domestic scammers, Lewis of Lewis’s Tech has a video where they deal w/ an American tech support scammer.

845-203-8155 – calls several times a day under the premise that you’re seeking a job or they’re “replying to the job posting”, and they’ll recommend education for you to become “a more desirable candidate”. I got a live person, but when he didn’t immediately respond logically to my question, it threw him off his script.

Also, they ask specific questions that are not legal to ask in the context of someone searching for a job, like “what year did you graduate from high school”? Answer will result in age discrimination. Avoid.

Cool, it looks like I have the same Telemarketer “EDU Matcher” call below. It is the same exact robo call in which this case Ashley The Robot answers.

(712) 794-3273

I was called from a local # as well.
(402) 715-9436. “Ashley” wanted to follow up on my application, I told her I wasn’t looking for a job. She then proceeded to inform me that I had also expressed an interest in returning to school. Quite a fascinating conversation really. I had no idea I was such a go-getter! Maybe I should do a Ted Talk… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Well, looks like this scam keeps on going. I’ve had four calls from “Connor” the robot from four different numbers. The first call I took seriously because it was from an area code where I had actually applied for a job. That is until the person Connor transferred me to kept asking about me expressing a desire to go back to school (after my master’s finished, I have absolutely no desire to continue education). I asked “What company did you say this is?” and the person at the other end kept saying “the advising department”. Yeah. Sure. They eventually hung up on me.

The other three times they called me I could definitely tell is was a robot. “Connor” was using the same script as the first time with the same vocal tone. Looking back I’m sure anyone I spoke with was not a real person. I was able to throw the bot off script a few times to which its response was always “Haha. Ok.” and continued on ignoring my questions that could not be answered by the script. I had to hang up on those other three calls because I was traveling at the time. I’ll leave the numbers here:
+1 (320) 390-7339
+1 (320) 238-1035
+1 (320) 208-2480
+1 (320) 207-9959

I’m thinking of contacting the service providers to see if the numbers can be shut down. On one of the calls I was told I was being contacted from “Edu Matcher”. The real company website has a warning on their homepage about spoof calls and that the real Edu Match company will never contact people by phone.


got a call from (864)523-7675 saying the same stuff.

Connor called me, as well. When I asked him for the company name, he spoke so quickly, I could barely understand. I asked again. “EDU Matcher”. I asked if he was a robot, he said no. I asked again, and he laughed and said he’d never been asked that. I asked five more times, and got the same no. Then I just left it playing with a podcast in the background, so it sounded like someone was talking. It took a few minutes for them to realize it wasn’t getting anywhere and hung up.

They spoofed my home area code, but I haven’t lived there for 10 years, so I know it’s usually a scam when someone calls from there.

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They must be successful somehow, since they’re still calling here in July 2020. I tried blocking the number, but they keep changing it. Hilariously, I didn’t answer once and the lady still asked me what kind of job I was looking for and waited for an answer, then a minute later said her number and said to call back. It amused me.

just got a call from a robot… claimed to be about a job i had applied for… when i started asking it which job, i realized real quick it was a bot. kept trying to push getting an education… so i said a few words of the harsh language variety and hung up.

the number the bot used on me is this:

and this isnt the first time ive been targeted by the bots either. almost fell for it this time because i was half asleep.

every time it was for edu matcher… i dont know what that is, but its starting to get on my nerves!!!

this sucks. i get 3-4 calls from them A DAY. could they be any more desperate for my non-existent money?

Add 1 (224) 225-0893 to the list. Woman sounded like she was in a room with a lot of people so most likely a large operation.