Teq support



8555597512 hit these guys please there varry cocky


no answer phone went down straight away


I just called um there still live


Na there still live 855 559 7512 try a 1 befor it


Called this number, they answer the phone but either put me on mute or say that they can’t hear me.


I called them a few times earlier today. One time I called and spoke really softly so the scammer would have to turn his headset up, then I held my phone right at my dog’s mouth with speakerphone on and made my dog start barking. The guy on the other end screamed! LOL He was not very happy with me. Fun times.


the gut who called in while i was on the hook, good on you


theyy left me live while you were doing your thing …im just waiting for a call back number

so far i got 1-855 …the women yelled over the rest of the number …i got beer, i got time


they left the line open while they were laughing in hindi …I tried to get the number, was 1-855-2…then they cackled over the rest, sorry lads, I tried …still trying
…if you call them w. a different language (German, Spanish, french) …thgey leave the line open, listen close kids