This is the real number to 24/7 techies 1-888-296-5819 1-888-296-5819.

Then you be going to site called:

Its a support portal with there numbers and fake names then the tell you to click on there name then it downloads a program called Bomgar. Yeah I just called them and messed with the this number and website need to get taken down.

He gave me the rat link and then sat there for about 3 minutes, never tried to look at anything then closed the chat. Tried chat again and it said their chat was down at this time.

I found more numbers after they hanged up on me

those guys are pretty sharp as scammers to be honest. I have tried messing with them, but they don’t fall for the bait

What are the evidence that these tech are scammers? The company is opened since 2009 and really a certified Gold Microsoft Partner. I’m scared that innocent people being harrassed without any evidence of scamming activities. Just a number posted here and people harrass it.

A simple google search brings multiple reviews and videos about how this company works and operates. Microsoft certification holds zero ground as anyone can apply for it and receive it.

Thanks ‘ScammerRevolts’. I appreciate this information. I’m glad that there is a follow up on these posts. Continue your good work!

Also I would like to add you can always call up Microsoft, remember Microsoft will never call u for anything unless u bring your computer to there store and say hey your computer is ready. But also if you do a google search usually the internet will say this site is a scam or this company is a scam just have to do some simple digging.