Truly a mystery


The number 877-353-1149 is not only a tech support scam number and scam printer support, but whoever answers, they stay online saying absolutely NOTHING. It’s like they are listening to whoever calls. I was listening to them while other people (scam-baiters and potential victims alike) called, and I could hear every call! Is there a way to hack the scammer’s phone system? If so, I believe that is what has happened here. As I write this, I am listening via three different phone numbers! There are times I can hear hold music and Hindi commercials in the background. Very strange stuff. Maybe the scammer is high or something. Number is still active, I got it from another scam-baiting site. Answers but says nothing. Am not able to use FireRTC, so I can’t record this sorry.


I called and he transfred me to another scambaiter XD, here are his site.


oh wow. I’m STILL on the line with him. It’s like he’s asleep with his headset on or something! Using Google Voice and TextNow. Crazy stuff, man.


Damn, guess he woke up. Began muting me out and terminating my line right away. I guess the little thief prick woke up lol. It was fun while it lasted haha. Now it goes straight to busy signal.