TSU new member introduction!

Hello! I’m new to this website, but I’ve always done scambaiting for a while, and now looking to expand my knowledge and give the scammers a hard time.


Hi! my name is Alexis. I’m a BSA/AML Investigator. I came across scambaiting videos about a month ago and have been watching since. Having been a fraud investigator and BSA/aml investigator, I have been aware of scams by way of speaking with the victims themselves, analyzing compromised accounts, and reviewing calls. It’s a very unfortunate and heart breaking event because the victims are anxious, upset, and embarrassed by the time I get to speak with them. In trying to access the situation, there’s a lot information they either forget, mix up, or don’t want provide. Calming the victim and breaking down these walls and trying to tell the victim that it’s not their fault and events like what they experienced have become normal, doesn’t take away anything the victim is thinking or feeling. Watching these scambaiting videos have helped shed a lot of light on how these scams work and how these scammers bully victims into submitting when they resist or ask reasonable questions. Because of these videos, I am able to be more efficient in my job and require others to be more efficient in theirs. I appreciate everyone who is scambaiting and preventing new victims. I would like to be a scambaiter myself, but it will take some time to get all the things set up that I want. I’m also uncertain of how good I will be at it. Years of crying victims, victims who have taken their life, and a hatred of liars and thieves might come out and give me away. I already start to get anxious and angry when I hear how some of these scammer talk to people.
I just want to add that I have listened to ScammerRevolts and other baiters call victims and have heard the discouragement in your voice because the victims are not as receptive to the information you are trying to provide them. I want to encourage you to continue doing your good work. There are so many other ways a person can be scammed and receiving your call further educates them. Please don’t let their resistance or shortness be discouraging. They are going to remember your call and your words will be in their subconscious.

If you read this super long post, thank you. Im normally a quiet person and keep my thoughts to myself. This is something I’m trying to change. :slightly_smiling_face:


if you don’t want to talk to the scammers you could use a sound board software (free download) and download sounds from a sound board voices website and then assign the phrases to each keyboard key. eg the family guy or fred flintstone could me calling up scammers for fun.

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Hi everyone, I started working on setting myself up as a scambaiter. I need to get a more powerful second computer to run virtual box. So far I have downloaded a fake bank account and redesigned it to be more interactive with fake statement pages, a fake transfer page that requires a net code so it fails. It has a fake message box from the fake bank. All running on Ubuntu with an Apache web server. Will alter the host file in Virtual windows so the website URL looks real. I really dislike the audacity of the scammers to robot call my private phone numbers on landlines or my mobile. To all of my fellow scambaiters have fun with these Chutiya scammers. its time for a mass revolt

Hey, my name is Tim.

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Hello everybody!

Swedish Chef here.

As my handle implies, I’m Scandinavian and can be a bit of a muppet at times… :smiley:
Been itching to do some baiting for a long time, ever since I read 419eater stuff back in the day.
Seeing the SR videos got me all fired up again!

I used to work abroad in telco/isp/software customer/tech support for a very long time, so my phone game is pretty slick.
Quite interested in OSINT, would love to get better at it and be able to use it for practical purposes!

I’m looking to learn, to share what I know, do some baiting and hopefully have fun in the process. And most importantly, maybe help make the world a smidge less crappy.

Gonna read up on the tutorials and set up an environment for baiting.

Børk! Børk!

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Welcome welcome!! Excited to talk with you more on your ventures!!

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Hello All,

Just joined yesterday. I am tired of seeing my Facebook friends getting their accounts cloned or hacked and wish I could do something about it. I have been watching SR and the other big scambaiting channels for a few years now and I appreciate what you guys do. I hope I can contribute in some small way.


Welcome @Swedish_Chef

I just recently started playing around with OSINT.
Give Sherlock a go… :grinning:

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Hello everyone! I am scamdestruction. I have been watching ScammerRevolts, Pierogi, Jim Browning, and Kitboga for quite some time. I’ve decided that I want to take on the scammers as well and help stop them. I can’t wait to start getting them. See y’all out there.



Thank you! Will do! :ninja:

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Hello, BOFHMike here. I started messing with scammers/hackers by reporting the source IPs taken from e-mail headers, along with those captured in our firewall sandbox, to their CIDR block owners about 20 years ago, it was quite effective. With the move to voip services being so easily accessible, the game has become insane. The opensource community was able to quickly put together a highly effective rDNS blacklisting for e-mail servers, and even MS incorporated similar steps into Exchange, WHY hasn’t anyone developed similar technology for the telcos? I’m not sure how involved I’ll get with modern reverse hacking, but I’m greatly tempted.

I pretty sure the telcos would have the capability but choose not to for whatever reasons.(probably $$$)

Here in Australia, Telstra recently implemented new technology to intercept these scam texts and block them from reaching customers phones.
If Telstra can do it, I’m sure the big US telco’s could as well. :thinking:


Greetings digital warriors! New to scambaiting but big fan for a long time!

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Knuckles here. New to this but just got my fake bank going after weeks of messing with it, and vms going. Did our first bait session last week with some friends and everyone had an awesome time wasting the time of these scumbags. Need a better phone setup at some point but having a good time with the simple setup i have at the moment. Keep up the good work folks. Bear Knuckles signing out.

Hello, I’m new to the scam baiting scene but very interested in the whole ethos of scambaiters and all the good work they do. I’m hoping to start up scam baiting myself eventually so I’m here to pick up some tips and tricks and also to post any scam numbers I receive myself.

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Hi, I am mswdr4 and I am new to TSU. It is great to be among others who want to make a positive change in this area.

Scammers have tried numerous times and almost got a person I know. I had saved the person by minutes. I am willing to learn and collaborate.

I am looking forward to the opportunity with any and everyone.