Turning in Scammers to Authorities

Apologize if this is the wrong category, wasn’t sure where it belongs. Wanted to see if anyone has advice. So I have recordings where a scam group admits it. They also registered a domain under their managers real name which I can see the name and phone number on GoDaddy so I called it and sure enough it is really him. So I looked him up on LinkedIn where he is linked with a bunch of people from the same company. So I called the number back and the guy (on a recorded line) admits that they all work there (India based).

So question, what authority can be called if any with this file to turn these people in?

It is with an extremely unpleasant feeling that I tell you that you are wasting your time. I reported many thing like that with good evidence to the RCMP but they never did anything. Not even a feedback. India is too corrupted. Unless a big enterprise like Microsoft is doing pressure nothing will happens. That’s why this site exists. Publish the number and evidence so we will flood their phone line and waste their time in VM.

However, if you got any intel on them, publish it here, so we can add further to the investigation. Eventually, we will get them scared and they will need to spend some time to fix their phone lines… Either way, post the intel for us all.

Damn, that is what I figured honestly. I posted the number (Aegis Support). Will post a bit more about them when I get home. Thanks for the heads up though, guess Ill just have to go after them a different way to get them to stop.

We can always use our handy set of tools :slight_smile:

As HwSystems said, there’s really nothing that can be done about it, beyond reporting it to the IC3 website if you’re in the US, and even then, it’s likely nothing will come of it, since the scammers are overseas. It’s unfortunate, but true. Post whatever info you have on them. We’ve also got lurkers here who’ll be happy to jerk them around and waste their time too.

part of the issue with reporting them to the authorities is a jurisdictional issue and a time/money issue. At least in the US, local PDs don’t have jurisdiction when the offense occurs over the internet. Again, in the US, the FBI would have jurisdiction since the perpetrators are international. However, it costs an obscene amount of money to bring something to trial in the federal system so unless these guys are clearing an incredible amount of money, they aren’t gonna spend the time to try to positively identify and charge these guys, let along extradite them to the US for trial. And as someone said before, local PD in India is so corrupt, they’re not gonna do anything. Which leads us to this forum where people with the knowhow bring the fight back to the scammers