VB or VMWare?

Should I use Virtualbox or VMware. I haven’t really used VMware but I guess it similar to Virtualbox.

I personally find VMware better and easier to make and mask.

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Thanks, I’m gonna try VMware Workstation

its not working for me. ima try reinstalling virtualbox and see if that works

If you are using Windows, you might want to try Hyper-V.

thanks, ill try that :smiley:

nvm i realised that it is not for the type of windoes 10 i have, so i would have to use something else

why did VMware not work? What was the error? I’m using it on both Windows 7 and 10 with no problems, for my studies.

I know from experience that it may require disabling/uninstalling Hyper-V for it to work properly.


It says that I need to enable Intel VT/ x in my BIOS settings but I can’t really do that. I am currently running windows 7 and xp works.

Your BIOS settings are in your BIOS menu. You can easily reach your BIOS menu by starting up your computer. Usually you have to hit “delete” or “F5” or some key before your computer boots. It will say “press (key) to enter BIOS menu” as your computer is booting. You can change the settings from there.

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thanks! im gonna try that

Yeah I also had to enable Virtualization in the BIOS settings and then it started working.

I use VirtualBox because when I started I didn’t do a lot of research but recognized the Oracle brand. Now that I have it set up, I don’t see a reason to switch. Here is my guide to setting up VirtualBox for Windows 10: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CVsqicWzI0bYG-UtAletojT-4OGVp1sHMgmNyXaYQEM/edit?usp=sharing

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